1. Which of the following is not an asset class?

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2. You are looking at a new pair of shoes. The price tag says $72, but it has been reduced by 20%. The original price (without the discount) is $.

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3. Your car has damages worth $3,000. Your car insurance policy excess is $1,000. How much will the insurance company pay towards repairs (assuming the accident is covered).

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4. You are self-employed as a gardener. Which is least likely to qualify as a tax deduction?

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5. If you are trying to understand the fees and charges associated with a financial product, the most appropriate information source would be a(n):

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6. According to the below table, if your taxable income is $88,000, your tax payable would be $ (to the nearest dollar)?

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7. Which of the following fees & charges are not associated with credit cards?

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8. You are a full-time employee of an organisation and your annual salary is $45,000. How much would your employer contribute to your fund as a super guarantee contribution?


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9. Which specialist is most appropriate when seeking advice around a family estate plan?

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10. You have a bank deposit of $600, earning 6% interest compounded annually. The total balance after 6 years is $ (to the nearest dollar).

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