spending & values

  • This is the first video of three, that looks at factors which drive spending behaviours – these being values, needs vs wants, and timeframe
  • In identifying one’s own core values, they can focus on where spending should ideally be allocated

needs vs wants

  • An individual’s spending behaviour is greatly determined by their perception of needed and wanted items (or services)
  • By creating a personal sliding scale, one can create greater distinctions between the two
  • The rising ideology of consumerism is a threat to people’s financial decision making skills, which they can quash through self-awareness


  • Over time, human beings have evolved from hunter gatherers to domesticated settlors
  • The history presented in this video is sourced from the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
  • People can fall on a sliding scale between hunter and farmer in the sense that they might pursue a “earn now, spend now” approach, or “earn now, spend later” approach.
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