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Consumer Maths

A close look at the essential maths involved in managing personal finances like interest calculations and GST.


An introduction to bank accounts, their main features, and the types available for consumers in Australia.


What is your mindset around money and spending? This greatly affects your decisions around personal money matters.


Do you drive a vehicle? This module looks at the financial implications of being on the road.


Are you keeping track of where your money is going? If not, here’s an important tool that you can use.

Mobile Phones

Do you have a mobile phone? See how you can get the most use in a plan for the least cost.


Brokers, tax agents, financial planners…what is the difference? This module goes through the different types of financial products and services.


Why do interest rates and employment conditions keep changing? Learn more about the economic system here.


How are you protecting yourself around health, property, and travel? Managing risk is an important part of money management.

Home Affairs

Too much confusing paperwork? This module goes through essentials like a MyGov account and utility bills.


Are you needing to borrow? Here is a look at different loan types and the implications of debt.


Thinking about buying property in the near future? There are a few things to think about in preparation.


Approaching tax time and not sure what’s going on? This module has what you need to know in getting organised.


Are you frustrated with low interest on savings? Here is a look at the universe of investment assets in Australia.

Managed Investments

These financial products offer an alternative to investing by yourself. Here is what you need to know about how they work.


Many Australians do not have enough in place for when they retire. Have you started thinking about your “nest egg”?

Life Protection

What would happen if you passed away or became seriously ill? Family and dependents are important to consider.

Starting Up

What are the steps involved from creating an idea to launching a product or service? Find out here.


It is hard to run a business if you are unfamiliar with record keeping. This module covers the main financial statements.

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