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mygov account

  • MyGov is an online portal that enables an individual to have centralised access to government services like Medicare, ATO, and Centrelink.
  • The account presents several benefits, such as the reduction of paperwork and time efficiency.
  • The video discusses the necessary steps to set one up.
  • Tip: you can create an account on the MyGov website.

car registration

  • Renewing the registration of a motorised road vehicle is an annual necessity, much like submitting tax returns.
  • Registration is managed by state or territory bodies, not at the federal level.
  • The common process across states and territories includes:
    1. Renewing compulsory third party insurance (or CTP)
    2. Attainment of a roadworthy certificate from an authorised mechanic
    3. Payment of a registration renewal fee

steps to rent

Step 1: Financial Situation

When it comes to renting the first thing you really need to be doing is addressing your financial situation. This means, you should be drawing up a fresh new budget incorporating your expected annual income, and the expected rent into your fixed expenses. The ideal situation you want to be in is where your total savings (after all expenses factored in) is expected to increase over the long-term. This way you can reach your future goals like buying a car or go travelling, but continue to rent for the ongoing future. It is likely that renting will be non-affordable if your savings are expected to decrease over the long term. This is because declining savings will likely increase your reliance on credit cards and other personal loans.


Step 2: Research

You should be asking yourself a series of questions like:

Who am I going to move out with? If you seek an accommodation where you are the only occupant, the benefit is that you’ll have more personal space. The downside is that it’s likely that rent will be more expensive. If on the otherhand, you are looking to try and save a bit of money – another way is to seek out accommodation to share with other people, which can help to reduce your rent. If you venture down this path though, you will need to give some thought as to whether or not the flatmates are easy or not to live with.

What type of agreement am I after? Some can be short-term, of weeks at a time and can be altered each time the period ends. Other agreements can be longer term, perhaps 6-12 months. You can also participate in a sublease agreement – this is where the property already has a tenant, and you enter an agreement with that tenant. With sub-leasing your agreement is not with the landlord.

Do I want a furnished or unfurnished home? Some places available for rent come with existing furniture like wardrobes, beds, and kitchen tables. If you are moving out for the first time then this can be an excellent and inexpensive way to move out because it saves you from having to buy much furniture. Having said this, you may prefer an unfurnished home so that you can move your own furniture into the place.

Step 3: Property Viewing

Make sure you take the time to view a selection of properties to find the ones that you’re after. Real estate agents can often take photos that make a property look more glamorous than what it really is. It is handy to take along with you a personal checklist to make sure that it has all of the necessary features that you are after. If you are looking to move in with unknown flatmates, take the opportunity to meet and get to know them.


Step 4: Apply for rent

This is an important step, because even though you might like a place, it does not necessarily mean that you can secure it – especially if it is in high demand from other potential tenants. When you are applying for rent you need to think about this from the perspective from the person who is renting out the property. They will likely want someone who is a reliable tenant, who is timely in paying their rent, and can be trusted in not damaging the property. So the application form needs to demonstrate this, by you including some basic personal details, a history of employment, a rental history (if you have one), and some useful references if relevant. Even a cover letter is often looked upon favourably when trying to create a positive impression.


Step 5: Review Agreement

It is very important that you read through this carefully before signing it, because it will include conditions where:

– The person issuing the agreement can increase the rent

– The person issuing the agreement can evict you

– You can vacate the property and discontinue paying rent

– You can enter a sub-lease agreement with someone else

The agreement will also include details about the bond payment which you will have to make before you move in, and it will include information about the types of utilities that you will be responsible for paying. Once you are happy with all of the details then you should sign and return it.


Step 6: Process Bond & Deposit

The final step is to process the bond payment, and if the agreement specifies, you may need to pay an initial rent deposit before moving in. Once this step has been completed, the real estate agent, or the issuer of the agreement will hand over the keys for you to move in. It is important to maintain communication with this person so that you are aware of what will be happening after the agreement has expired, because if you like the place you may want the option of continuing to live there beyond the term period. If you express this early on, they may help to secure this for you.

gas & electricity

  • Australian customers of gas and electricity should be aware of how the industry is composed of producers, distributors, and retailers. This implies that individuals in different suburbs can face different costs and quality of energy.
  • The video shows how retailers can offer different tariffs (or pricing structures) for energy.
  • Individuals should understand, and refer to energy pricing factsheets provided by retailers, when determining which provider they wish to select.
  • Tip: you can compare a range of energy deals at Energy Watch & Compare the Market.
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