financial landscape

financial products

  • Consumer products can be utilised and are typically physical things whereas financial products are ways of transforming money.
  • These products are generally considered to be those which are deposit-taking, permit non-cash payments, manage a financial risk, or permit investment.
  • All of these products will have product disclose statements which you should read to understand the costs, fees, conditions and possible benefits of the product.

financial services

  • Financial service providers have many roles. Broadly, they can be split into role categories.
  • The first type is issuers of bank accounts, insurance, superannuation or an investment. The second type is advisors including financial planners, lawyers or accountants.

financial planning

  • Financial planning may assist you to identify and reach your financial goals as well as identifying hurdles along the way.
  • Gaining an education, assets and providing for a family all cost money and are commonly aspired-to goals in life.
  • Budgeting, saving and risk management are some strategies which can be used to attain and protect these goals.

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