Money simplified.

what we do

Key Money Concepts is a resource devoted to helping Australians become efficient in managing money. We offer an essential toolkit for developing long-term wealth, both online and offline, with plenty of free content available for the everyday people to take that first step towards getting on top of their finances.

We focus on the human element, breaking down what can be complex ideas into something easy to understand. We make learning an interesting and engaging experience with easily digestible content spread across 19 interactive modules.

Our story

After¬†finishing school, graduating from university and entering the workforce, we realised that no one had properly taught us skills around managing personal finances. Our friends and colleagues echoed the same sentiment. Some of us had to learn things the hard way, like losing money on a “telco” contract, or struggling to complete a tax return.

So we began years of research and personal-development to learn and understand the critical oversights of our education system. In the winter of 2015 we set about building Key Money Concepts with the aim of solving a nation-wide issue and empowering all Australians.

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