a financial education course for young Australians.


We believe in helping all Australians meet the challenges of financial responsibilities and adult life in a world where financial services, products, and contracts are part of everyday life.


Our interactive content takes users from core fundamentals to understanding complex money issues. it compliments school curricula, university and postgraduate qualifications.


Our interactive content is comprised of videos, quizzes and activities. For school students and teachers classrooms activities are also available.

KMC believes in a holistic learning approach

Personal Finance Education


This is the core knowledge required in managing personal finances. It covers everything from bank accounts types, PAYG, to super investment options.

Personal Finance Education


This includes testing materials that enable users to assess their knowledge and understanding of content covered across the various modules.

Personal Finance Education


This includes insights from recognised financial service professionals, and activities that help transform learnt theory into positive behaviours.

How good is your current knowledge?

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To make theory interesting and engaging, the team at KMC has developed in-house animation videos spread across more than 10 self-paced modules. This is a clip from our Insurance module. It unpacks the jargon associated with insurance products so that users can approach policies with more confidence. The rest of the module looks at different types of insurance policies offered in Australia’s marketplace that help manage risks around personal injury, property, and liability.

Neal and the professional team at KMC provide an interactive, detailed and advanced program for students of all learning abilities. KMC allows students to develop holistic and logical views towards money, whilst creating sustainable wealth strategies for their future.

Luke Eisenhuth

St Michael's College, Gold Coast

who is KMC meant for?

it is a fantastic solution for:

Young adults looking to increase their level of financial education

Secondary schools, universities, and tertiary education bodies wanting to educate their students.

Financial planners and wealth coaches who are wanting to help educate their clients.

Organisations that want to help educate their staff and relevant stakeholders.

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